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Can I create a Trial account now and upgrade it later?

Yes. We provide an Introductory Free Pack. You can create 2 Courses and 10 active students in this Introductory Pack. You can start by Signing up for the pack now. If you want to add more than 10 students or more than 2 course, you can getin touch with us at to upgrade the pack.

Does Magic Pencil allow to customize the Platform?

In the Introductory package you can set-up your Tutorial logo. For further customization, kindly get in touch with our sales team at

I have my course material in the form of audio and video lectures. Can my students view these lectures?

Magic Pencil allows you to create course by authoring or aggregating content in various formats. All kinds of documents like PDFs, PPTs, XLS, Word Documents, MP4s, Video files, Web links, etc can be uploaded to the cloud. The uploaded content is encrypted and secured in the cloud.

How will my students access the courses created in my Magic Pencil Account?

Your students can access the courses on mobile devices, tablets as well as web browsers. The Magic Pencil Application is available on Apple Store and Google play store for smart devices. Your students will have to download the Magic Pencil Applciation and access the course material with the userids created by you when you create the student in the platform.

Will I get to access all the tools available on the Magic Pencil Platform?

Yes. Currently you will get access to all the tools to create and publish your courses along with various Interactive features to communicate and collaborate with your students.

What kind of interactive tools are available on the platform?

The platform is all in one interface. You can have one-on-one interaction with your students through Chat. Discussion Forum will help to post and discuss various topics within the class. You can schedule and send notifications and alerts to a particular batch or all the batches. Your student can submit assignments and homework and you can check and comment on the same in the Uploaded File section. An internal mail system is made available to send emails to peers and students

We have world class teaching facilities

The Magic Pencil platform comes packed with several features that allows the Tutors to create an ideal learning environment for their students. Instructor led-learning, Collaborative learning through peer-to-peer and instructor led help, enhanced learning with an intuitive user interface, anytime anywhere access, content security, offline access to students, student management etc. are few of the features Magic Pencil boast about

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