Magic Pencil is an award winning digital platform which allows Educators to aggregate, design, develop and publish multiple format learning resources to students across the globe. Magic Pencil consists of an easy to use CMS and LMS enabling educators to convert traditional classrooms into interactive sessions.

The platform is very easy to navigate and allows the teachers to create individual courses, enhance lesson plans, add external resources and links and also add necessary tools and links through the Cloud and infuse them in their daily subject classes.

The platform allows the students to learn outside the classroom, giving them access to their courses and content on their mobile devices and thus, allowing them to study at their own pace. The Magic Pencil platform comes packed with several features that allows the Tutors to create an ideal learning environment for their students. Instructor led-learning, Collaborative learning through peer-to-peer and instructor led help, enhanced learning with an intuitive user interface, anytime anywhere access, content security, offline access to students, student management etc. are few of the features Magic Pencil boast about.

Secure to Create, Share and Store premium online courses

Engage your learners on a daily basis through news, blogs and resource library

Easy to Communicate & Collaborate with your students

Student Management Multiple Batches/Multiple Courses

Unlimited Course
Unlimited Students
Mobile & Tablet ready

Easiest way to create a course & boost your content

Make teaching interactive & Improve learning efficiency

Review Assignments on the go


Mult-Media Content

Courses available online/offline on all form factors at your convenience

Take Notes, Chat with peers & Tutors, Post queries

Upload Projects, Assignments on the go



Dr. Seema Purohit
Director, DES's Navinchandra Mehta
Institute of Technology And Development

"Technology is changing rapidly and to deliver this kind of technology in education we need the right kind of people. EnableM has been a pioneer in this and Magic Pencil Tablet is the perfect solution for incorporating technology in education. Students can have access to all their management content on the Magic Pencil Tablet. Students will find that Magic Pencil is a ready reckoner for gaining knowledge and sharing information.
I appreciate the efforts taken by EnableM."

Ms. Seema Abdul Rashid Khan
Department Head of Management, YEWS
National Senior College, Nasik
Dr. B. R. Manjunath
Director General, SVIMS
"The traditional way of imparting education has been through the Lecture mode which is not the best way according to me, as students get easily distracted. Powerpoint presentations are flat one dimensional. Technology can be useful in this case as assingments can be done in classrooms under the guidance of professors. Individual tablets make it easy to apply the theory taught, the students can also do their research, take up assignments etc. Online assessments available on the Tablet can help the faculty to evaluate the students periodically. Real time scenarios such as fluctuating Stock market can be easily studied with the use of Tablets in classrooms."

Prin. Dr. V.S. More
Trustee and Co-ordinator MGV’s Institute of
Management & Research